VIENNALE for Paul Sharits!!!

The documentary will be part of this prestigious legendary event in Vienna, Austria. The screenings will be on Friday 23.10.2015 at 20:30 at the Metro, Eric Pleskow Saal and on Saturday 24.10.2015 at 16:00 at the Metro, Historischer Saal Festival Website.

Antimatter, Victoria, BC

This extremely cool festival will program Paul Sharits this year. The event is from Oct. 16 to 31st. See full listings here.

Paul Sharits at FIAC 2015 Paris!!!!!

The documentary will be part of this extraordinary event to be held Oct. 22nd to Oct.25th. The screening will take place at The Grand Palais on Saturday, October 24th at 10:00. link for the screening

LUFF to showcase Paul Sharits

The Lausanne Underground Film & Music festival (Switzerland) has programmed the documentary. See their website for more info and a complete schedule. The event runs from Oct. 14 to Oct. 18th

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2015

The Montreal premiere will take place at The Festival du Nouveau Cinema. 1st screening will open the LAB section of the festival, Oct. 8th, 7:10pm Parc Cinema 2. 2nd screening will be on Oct. 15th at 3:00pm Parc Cinema 1 For more info, see the FNC website

Other Cinema Special Screening

OPTRONICA ONE! Notes from program: SAT. 9/26: MIRON'S PAUL SHARITS + DOUG KATELUS + JOHN DAVIS + Ex-SF Francois Miron beams back his intense visual energy with the US debut of his bio of Paul Sharits, Structural Film bad boy of SUNY Buffalo. Tony Conrad, MM Serra, the Vasulkas, and curators from Anthology and Whitney Museum point to both Minimalism and Pop Art as contexts, while recordings with Hollis Frampton and P. Adams Sitney foreground Sharits’ radical flicker/brain experiments…before this bipolar personality tragically succumbed. Opening the program are three contemporary A/V acts that also understand the frame as cinema’s basic unit—in this case 35mm slides!: Doug Katelus’ A Hamm

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