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Other Cinema Special Screening

OPTRONICA ONE! Notes from program:

SAT. 9/26: MIRON'S PAUL SHARITS + DOUG KATELUS + JOHN DAVIS + Ex-SF Francois Miron beams back his intense visual energy with the US debut of his bio of Paul Sharits, Structural Film bad boy of SUNY Buffalo. Tony Conrad, MM Serra, the Vasulkas, and curators from Anthology and Whitney Museum point to both Minimalism and Pop Art as contexts, while recordings with Hollis Frampton and P. Adams Sitney foreground Sharits’ radical flicker/brain experiments…before this bipolar personality tragically succumbed. Opening the program are three contemporary A/V acts that also understand the frame as cinema’s basic unit—in this case 35mm slides!: Doug Katelus’ A Hammond in Every Home (with live organ stylin’ throughout the evening), John Davis’ 3-lamp Light Breaks, and Craig Baldwin’s Double-Negative(-Land (RIP Don Joyce)). Come early for free slides, multiple light-tables, and the Dream-Machine!! *$9

Saturday September 26th at Other Cinema, ATA Gallery, 992 Valencia (@ 21st). San Francisco

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