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BLOOD FROM THE AIR    (John Balance, used with his permission)

A sleeping explorer, his wandering mind
Crossed over the border
A mind like a cemetery where the corpses are turning
Where the bodies twist deep
In the frozen grip of a dreamless sleep

Then the lowest comes up
Like a wreck from the depths
He hears night calling and has dreams of waking
Here in this brightness
That burns like slow lightning

He sees words burnt in ice
And reads that the world is a wound
In the body of Christ
Effects of the animal, animal sound effects
He says, "Death, he is my friend
He's promised me a quick end"

The world is in pain
And should be put down
And     is a sadist
And that he knows it

The depths of the night skies
Reflects in his eye
He says, "Everything changes (Nine Knives of ice)
And everyone dies"

And the night slits her veins
And the darkness drains
And the void rumbles in
Like an underground train

Forever comes closer
The world is in pain
We all must be shown, we must realize
That everyone changes and everything dies

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